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Bulls 93, Hawks 73: Basketball Rapture Is Upon Us

by Ricky O'Donnell on May 13, 2011 at 12:30PM

Some unforeseen circumstances prevented me from doin' my usual thing after the Bulls' closeout victory last night, and now I'll be on vacation until around tip-off time on Sunday. Consider this your open thread, and count your blessings. Bears-Packers for the right to go the Super Bowl and Bulls-Heat for a trip to the NBA Finals all within a few months. This is all equal parts inconceivable, rad, and tense, and TUP simply cannot wait. We ignored baseball all of last summer to follow LeBron's every move -- from Drake concerts to Jay-Z parties to Stephen A.'s first whispers -- and, holy shit, here we are. It's not even about the Chicago snub anymore; I fully believe we've all permanently blocked that out of heads a long time ago. It's so much bigger than that now. It's......it's everything, really.

This series always seemed inevitable, at least since the playoffs started, but it didn't really sink in until the fourth quarter last night. This shit is happening and, much like Bears-Packers, it'll be something we will all remember for the rest of our lives. When this season started, TUP's NBA preview consisted of only Bulls and Heat write-ups. It was all that mattered then, it's all that matters now. 

Take a deep breath, clear your head, and get ready for something special. The Good vs. Evil narrative has never been more clear. If the Bulls can somehow pull this thing off, it'll go down as one of the greatest Chicago sports achievements in my 23 years. Hell, it feels that way already. The Bulls likely head into this series as the underdog, homecourt advantage and the season sweep be damned. I'm feelin' confident, though. I like their chances. Fuck a prediction; we're about 10 steps past 'I told ya so' at this point. I'm just ready to watch, to squeeze a pillow, to throw vegetables, to swear uncontrollably, to not sleep. I am ready to live through this.

Soak it in. Bulls-Heat, a trip to the Finals for the winner. There are no silver linings.

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Nice blog dude . I like it very much


35 points combined from Bulls PF position last night...Bulls front court will be the difference maker in this series

Booz picked a good time to remember how to put the ball in the basket. First time in a long time I've actually enjoyed watching him play.

Throw vegetables?



A sweep would be soooooooooo sweet. Fuck LeBron, and death to the Heat!

I'm a huge Bulls fan and can't stand the Heat! I hope D-Rose and the Bulls can't take down the "Heatles"

LeBron, LeBron, LeBron...
So strong he is!!! ya ya ya

If you want to make some money, you'll be selling Derrick Rose jerseys and Bulls caps in Cleveland tonight.

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