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White Sox Get Screwed In Best MLB Cap Rankings

by Ricky O'Donnell on March 16, 2011 at 2:31PM


Cardboard Connection recently ranked every cap in baseball from best to worst.  I always say that making lists like this -- and I've been known to dabble myself -- is a worthwhile and fun exercise, but it's totally stupid to argue about this stuff. It's all very subjective, of course, and you can usually go a million different ways and still not be wrong. This is not one of those times, though. Today, someone got it wrong.

The Yankees come in at number one on CC's list, and you won't get any complaints here about that. After all, I *was* Fred Durst for Halloween. That logo is the epitome of success, of money, of power, of being on top. It's a totally legit choice for No. 1. My beef, however, comes from the White Sox's placement. They finished at No. 10, and third in their division.

Cardboard Connection said:

Without a doubt the scariest and most intimidating hat in baseball, it instantly conjures memories of scary people like Skeletor from He-Man (Masters of the Universe) and Albert Belle.

See, he's right; I couldn't agree with that assessment more. The White Sox logo is tough as nails. But shouldn't that mean it's at least in the top five? Is the point of color patters and logos in sports not to intimidate? I'm biased, but I always thought the Sox's logo was the coolest and toughest in all of sports. It's like the exact opposite of everything in the world that bleeds Cubbie blue, which is exactly how it should be.

Behind the Twins? The Royals? The Brewers? That's just insane.

To hammer home my point that the White Sox's logo is the best logo, here's a quick photo gallery of some of the coolest mothertruckers in the world reppin' Sox gear. Dre knows what's up.


Ever seen Obama or Tyler, The Creator rocking a Colorado Rockies hat? Doubtful.

In case you're wondering, the Cubbies came in at No. 21. They also have lots of celebrity fans. This guy knows what I'm talking about:

This guy, too:


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Ricky, you are absolutely insane. The Sox are No. 5 on that list. Check it again.

Didn't get to the bottom, said that he has made some changes. Also, if you don't like that red Diamondbacks hat, there is something wrong with you. No. 27??

"* = Hat ranking change due to reader(s) bringing comments or change of heart. Hats that have been moved up or down so far. Chicago White Sox From #10 to #5"

Yeah, it was No. 10 when I wrote this.

Sometimes you are my lil' adorable hipster friend. Other times you are annoying. This would be one of those times.

ha, a best-of list that changes from feedback? don't think that's allowed.

also call me crazy but I would probably put Detroit smack at no. 1 on that list.

That was pretty cool of MJ to wear that White Sox hat. I wonder why he did that?

Because he has too many brain cells to be a Cubs fan?

Villano, the jig's up. You're a Cubs fan. You can stop pretending now.

Is that Doyle in the last picture?

Barrack Obama throws like a girl. And he's a fake baseball fan.

Although Barack* Obama does claim to love Cominskey Park.

Ok ... since I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a baseball cap, I feel like I can offer an objective assessment of the merchandise.

As two letter logos go, (history, pedigree, and World Series rings notwithstanding) I feel that the San Diego and San Francisco hats are every bit as attractive as the New York Yankee's.

The Oakland A's cap looks as though it was designed by a Green Bay Packer fan who got lost in California after a Raiders game.

Political Correctness is the only reason that the Indians mascot is ranked so low.

The only redeeming thing about the Marlin's hat is the big "F" in the middle of it.

And of course ... the Cub's cap just looks gay. (not that there's anything wrong with that)

you're like a gay guy who constantly makes fun of gays because he is afraid of people finding out the way he really swings. face it....you're a closet cubs fan (not that there's anything wrong with that)...homo

I can't believe the Tigers hat is so low. They're pretty much the same style as the Yankees or Sox.

Well done...but you missed, by far, the most badass white sox hat representation ever:


I fuck with a lot of New Era 51/50's. The White Sox are obviously tops on my list, for affiliation purposes, but the Pittsburgh Pirates hat is just sick. It's even got a black underbrim instead of the Sox gray underbrim! And the logo is tight, too.

Who writes a post about hats?

The same kinda guy who reads a post about hats, and then replies.

This is a travesty that must be addressed. Obama's priorities should be...

White Sox Hat rankings

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You all dont now anything the colorado rockies hat is beast best damn lettered logo as for the yankees, they are a bunch of cheats, sellouts and are only winning because they HAD Georgie boy but not anymore expect the yankees 2 be losers from now on. yankees logo looks like a swastika and what the hell is a yankee i what kind of name is that isnt that supposed to mean a white cracker oh my bad it is and i thought indians was racist

Scarecrow makes a good point. The Rockies hat is underated. The yankees hat really does look shitty. Detroit tigers logo looks way better. Why do people judge the yankee hat becuase they are winners. They may be winners but that logo looks like a peice of shit same goes with the LA godgers hat they look plain and lame.
LOL!!! about the what a yankee is... its the truth and no one knows


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where can I find the sox cap from eazy e ??

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