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Day Late Bulls Links Are Better Than No Bulls Links

by Ricky O'Donnell on March 24, 2011 at 12:19AM

http://www.tremendousupsidepotential.com/img/thibs%21.jpgHow Tom Thibodeau says "I love you".

The story of the day yesterday wasn't much of a revelation, but that never stopped a good blog post. Tom Thibodeau is a Jeff Mangum-level recluse (BREAKING) and we should all try as hard at our jobs as he tries at his. Or at least I think that's the message. Either way, the hilarious D. Rose quotes put this over the top:

"I've never played for a coach who was that focused," Rose said of Tom Thibodeau, admiringly. "There's nothing else -- no kids, no wife, no leisure time to watch TV. I'm dead serious. There's nothing else going on.
"I've never heard about Thibs being out eating. I never ran into him eating anywhere. No matter what city we're in, I won't see him until the next day. I never been around a coach like him."
"Nah, he's healthy," Rose said. "We're winning. He seems like he's enjoying himself. So I'm fine with it."
LOL, Derrick.

Rose: 'He seems like he's enjoying himself so I'm fine with it'

Can you imagine D. Rose handling a similar situation in which he's not 'fine with it'? I bet he'd be really confused and have a lot of mixed emotions. It would probably be really funny.

Eric Freeman had the joke of the day over at Ball Don't Lie:

In Thibodeau's defense, Rose's previous coaches were John Calipari, who probably spends most off-hours at a dog track, and Vinny Del Negro, who reportedly just wanders around whatever city he's in looking for cotton candy.

Trey probably came in second:

As the wise philosopher Sherylphylus Crowitus once said, "If it makes you happy, then it can't be that baaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aad." And it really does seem like Tom Thibodeau really just wants to do basketball stuff, even if that devotion is probably a little bit unhealthy. More power to him.

Matt from Blog-a-Bull correctly pointed out that 'crazy' is precisely how D. Rose describes everyone and everything, so maybe this is all overblown. My buddy Brandon wondered aloud on his Tumblr if Thibodeau is the most uptight robot since C3PO.

And since TUP must always be unruly contrarians ("Rondoooooooo"), I'm morally obligated to point out that it wasn't so long ago that Thibodeau was a party boy. In the back, at least.

-- Basketball-Reference says Rose is Iverson.

All told, Rose and Iverson's MVP campaigns are almost eerily similar. Each player was worth approximately 6-7 points of on-court offensive rating above average for a middling offensive team, and each was essentially an average defender on a very strong defensive squad. Each man's role was to carry the offense (almost single-handedly -- with apologies to Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, & Aaron McKie) and let his surrounding role players handle their defensive duties.

Both Iverson and Rose also capitalized on down years from more physically gifted MVP competitors, rivals who should have beaten them on pure talent but were diminished in the voters' minds for various reasons.
<3 <3 <3. My favs.

-- Speaking of Rose, Stan Van says he's got 'MVP' written across his forehead. No duh.

"I don't think it's wide open. The media seems to have made their decision, and they're the ones that vote. So I think it's over," Van Gundy said Wednesday night as his Orlando Magic prepared to play the New York Knicks. "I mean, I just listen and read. I think it's over. Derrick Rose has it. I haven't really read or heard a media guy who is going another way at this point. I'd be shocked if he doesn't win it."

And to all the Bulls fans *still* saying Rose doesn't deserve to win, I'll plagiarize myself here to bring up the most critical point: who the fuck cares? Why must this title -- MVP -- be treated with kids gloves? What does it even mean? Why is everyone so concerned about getting it "right"?

The fact of the matter is that Derrick Rose is going to win MVP, and that is awesome. It's awesome because he's on our favorite team, and because he is the light of the world. It's not called The Best Player In The World Award; the entire concept is sort of superfluous. It's super cool, but also sort of super dumb. I could really care less if Dirk or Dwight or LBJ is more deserving. Rose should win because he's the only player who's ever made me Google synonyms for "Jesus". And also because I'm a fan of the team he plays for, and because he's quite possibly my favorite living human. What the hell has Dwight Howard ever done in his life?  

-- "Money" Mayweather won a bunch of it betting on the Bulls on Tuesday.

According to the photo, Mayweather made a halftime bet that the Hawks wouldn't outscore the Bulls by six points or more in the second half. The Bulls made 73.8 percent of their shots in the first half, which ended with a Rose 3-pointer, to go up 72-43.

Mayweather apparently laid down the expensive halftime bet with the Bulls getting 5.5 points.

The visiting Bulls outscored Atlanta 42-38 in the second half, easily winning the bet for Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather: Not too proud to shy away from a bet just because the team's backup point guard got with his girl. That's something, I guess. Related: C.J. Watson (excited).

-- MJ finally makes an appearance at Molly Lambert's(Simmons' girl) latest side-project:


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The most aggravating part of the anti-Rose for MVP campaign is that no one mentions that Rose is in fact a great defender.

He leads the league in blocks for a point guard, and is second to only Wade for guards period. In other words, his insane athleticism makes it very difficult to get off clean looks. The stat heads will mention that he should get more rebounds, but the Bulls have so many good rebounders that they don't need him to rebound. Look, just ask Derron Williams, who has a terrible time trying to score on Rose.

right on

"I could really care less if Dirk or Dwight or LBJ is more deserving."

Saying you "could really care less" implies that you do somewhat care. If you could care less, then you have to care at least a little bit. I think you meant to say "couldn't." This is a common error plaguing our society.

I think he was just being "careless" with his terminology.

man fuck that guy

The argument could be made that to care at an absolute minimum, that is to say, 0%, would require more effort because you must actively be aware and a participant in your own care-lesness whereas if you cared, say, 5% then you are not fully active in your apathy and not affording more brainpower than necessary to that which you care little for.

That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I don't think you know what apathy means. Apathy requires nothing and the result of which will be nothing.
To care at a level of >0 but less than say 5% would possibly be the worst. It would require cognitive dissonance of the argument, which is no question what Ricky is feeling due to his constant reminder of the counterargument and his attempt to refute it only for the sake of refutation.

I couldn't care less if you choose to use "I could care less" instead of "I couldn't care less," however, these seemed appropriate.



I hope one of your new job offers came from Bill Simmons' new site

Yo Ray! I could care less.


I know pretty much nothing about baseball, but I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about farms and if Ricky on a farm is anything like Ricky on a boat, I would give anything to witness such a sight.


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