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Bulls Complete Season Sweep In Miami, Reduce "Heatles" To Tears

by Ricky O'Donnell on March 7, 2011 at 12:04AM

http://www.tremendousupsidepotential.com/img/keith-brogans.jpg'Sup, Brogans?

Someday, they'll be a book written or a documentary produced about the Summer of 2010 -- proper noun -- and how it changed the planet. It'll talk about the beginnings of the league's "bro culture", the massive influence of AAU, and how LeBron James effectively held a plugged-in nation hostage, hanging on his every whim. Somewhere, it'll mention the Bulls. After flying high with this team for 61 games, it's easy to forget just how involved, how close they really were to achieving their grandest of dreams. Hell, the mythical World Wide Wes himself even boldly proclaimed its inevitability, and did it convincingly enough to melt minds all over this metropolitan area. The Bulls would have James and Bosh, or Wade and Bosh, and a dynasty would follow.

And then it broke apart: Stephen A. was right all along, and the Bulls "settled" for a mere 20-10 offensive machine with warts and what amounts to scrap heap role players.

Jeff Van Gundy caught a lot of shit in the aftermath of "The Decision" for echoing all of the big three's historic smack talk. LeBron -- with fireworks shooting off behind him, literally and figuratively -- said he came to Miami to win titles, with an s, and that he wasn't stopping at one or two. The Heat existed -- by their own design -- not to compete with the Lakers, the Celtics, the Raptors, and the Rockets, at least not in the present day. No, the Heat were set to challenge "Best of's" in any category, The Beatles, "The Godfather", you name it. It was enough to get me to throw out "Heat vs. 'The Catcher in the Rye'" or "Heat v. Strokes" hypotheticals, and I wasn't joking. Van Gundy's co-sign served as the engraving: I was sold.

I thought the Miami Heat would be world-beaters, and that everyone else would effectively be playing for second so long as Dwyane Wade could bend his knees. It kind of bummed me out.

All of this dawned on me while writing that assuredly widowed headline up top. It's March of 2011, and the Bulls -- the same team that would have renamed the stadium, had LeBron demanded it -- just completed a season sweep of Miami. They have a better record than the Heat, too. The way this is shaping up gets more amazing by the day; I'm still not sure if it's even real.

I'm not talking about the Bulls' success. Their's makes sense: they had a long-term blueprint, followed it, and are now seeing the profits. But let's not fool ourselves into thinking the Bulls are the story here, not yet at least. This is about the Heat, and how the two best superhumans on planet Earth cannot beat a team that proudly starts Keith Bogans. The Heat are a failure; the prophecy was a lie. They can still win the title -- yes, even this year -- but that doesn't change a thing. The Miami Heat have proved, without a single doubt, that they're what we were convinced they'd never be: an ordinary, regular NBA team. It's mesmerizing to watch.

After Luol Deng knocked in the controversial go-ahead free throws that put the Bulls up a point, the skies opened up and shined a light on LeBron James. If only I could have placed a parlor bet on "will LeBron hit the rim"; I could use the extra scratch. There isn't a storyline in sports as intriguing as this one: the Heat -- with two God-like alpha dogs wearing the jersey -- cannot succeed in a game-deciding situation. It's like clockwork: keep it close, and they will fold. Forget about the meaning of "clutch", or how it even applies to professional hoops. This thing -- concrete or imagined -- exists somewhere, most likely in LBJ's head. This is taking a toll, it has to be, and will until the Heat finally break through. Right now, they don't even look close.

Lest we forget, James is still the best basketball player alive; Wade is unarguably in the top five. I found this tweet from SI's very own point-forward Zach Lowe to be grounded and sobering.

Perhaps that's true, and that one day soon everyone of us will taste crow. But right now? I'm not worrying about a thing, man. Live in the moment and bathe in this: it's happening, and it's wonderful. Wade knows it, too.

"The Miami Heat are exactly what everyone wanted, losing games," Wade said. "The world is better now because the Heat is losing."

The man isn't wrong. If Miami eventually figures it out, good for them. But right now, I can't stop smiling.

* * *
Odds And Ends


If this isn't the most obvious Facebook profile picture of all-time, then I haven't seen it.

Tiger, Tiger Woods...

"D. Rose and the Chem. 12" get a ringing endorsement from some dork.

YouTube montage of Chris Bosh getting hit in the face, soundtracked by "Roundball Rock". It's as good as it sounds.

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Tupac .gif? Tupac .gif.

This is a great moment. Hold it tight.

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My play of the game, Rose swaggin' past lebron and wade on a fast break http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFanGHM1HyQ

What up Rick?

Always a Great Monday when Tupac gif. comes out. I knew Da Bulls had a chance to be this good, especially with everyone slurpin Miami all summer. This is the first Bulls team ive LOVED since Mike and Pip were forced out by Jerry "Organizations win championshps, not players, durr" Krause. We have the best coach for the job (thanks for flakin on us 'antoni, we like playin DEFENSE), best center (and this is from a Tennssee Vol alum that HATED Noah when he was with the Gaytors), the best swiss army knife (Westside Lu), and Keith Bogans. With the MVP runnin the show, i think the skys the limit. Even when he had a bad game in Atlanta, we only lost by 3. Granted, Da Bulls shoulda blew the Hawks off the map, but we're gonna see them soon. And you know how Derrick likes revenge games. Whats funny is, Carlos hasnt had many of those MONSTA games like he had in Utah (Think 30-12). I dont know if its because of the offense, or if he's still getting in rhythm, but if he starts doing what he did in Utah, we can reach the NBA finals. Keep doin what ur doin Bulls, ive almost got Da Bears NFC Champ game taste outta my mouth.

Great game. Great post. Great picture.

I love that the bulls won again, even though the last two games against the heat they haven't played their best.

Last summer, Wade was the only one out of the three that I wanted to see wearing a Bulls uniform. I've never been a big fan of the self-anointed King, and to be honest, I didn't know enough about Bosh or Boozer to have been able to form an opinion about either of them. In retrospect I'm glad we got Carlos.

Miami will have a tough road in the playoffs because they have no bench whatsoever, and three players, no matter how good they are, can only take you so far in a seven game series. Look for an early exit for the Heat, and dancing in the streets of Cleveland.

Also look for Pat Riley to kick Spolestra to the curb, and take over the reins. The problem I see with that is, LeBron has never had a coach with the fame, stature, and jewelry that Riley has, and I'm wondering how he'll react to someone who played with, and coached better players than himself. One thing is for certain; James won't be calling any shots with Riley on the bench. It's always been Pat's way, or the highway.

If the Bulls hang on to the second seed, they're going to have a legitimate shot at getting to the finals this year. After that all bets are off, but I'll be happy just watching them take on the best of West, whoever that turns out to be.

You know what's going to make a great counterpoint to the narrative thread of 'The Decision' in that book? Russell, Kevin and Derrick at a gym in Santa Monica for 6 hours a day, 6 days per week.

Landon Donovan is on twitter?!

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