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Bulls Contemplate Asik-Courtney Lee Swap

by Ricky O'Donnell on February 11, 2011 at 12:38AM

The many funny faces of Omer, via TBJ.

The Bulls still very much have a Keith Bogans problem, and mythical two-headed super GM Gar Paxdorf seems intent on solving it. If coach Tom Thibodeau won't take Bogans out of the starting lineup, perhaps his bosses can force Bogans out of the rotation with the addition of a superior player.

The Bulls are said to be keen on the Rockets' Courtney Lee, a third-year two-guard buried deep on Houston's bench after a strong sophomore campaign in New Jersey last season. The Rockets, in desperate need of a center, would like Omer Asik in return.

Asik has been playing well lately, and provided a pivotal spark off the bench in Wednesday's win over the Jazz. According to the Trib's K.C. Johnson, the Bulls appear unwilling to trade their dunk leader.

Coach Tom Thibodeau praised Asik after (Wednesday's) game, and management has given no indications it plans to trade him.

Although the Bulls have engaged in exploratory talks to upgrade at shooting guard, an Asik-for-Lee swap isn't likely to happen.

I could probably be swayed either way with this one. Lee would be a sizable upgrade over Bogans (even if Ronnie Brewer would be, too). He was highly regarded enough to start in the Finals as a rookie for the Magic, and then act as the key piece in the Vince Carter trade. He's also still very young (born in 1985) and should continue to get better.

Basketball blog smart-man Sebastian Pruiti gave Lee a sound endorsement at the end of last season.

When the Nets got Courtney Lee from Orlando, I was hoping that he would emerge into a big-time player for the Nets.  However it is starting to become apparent that Lee is going to end up just a role player who can play locked down defense.  When a lot was on his shoulders during the beginning of the year, he really struggled.  However, when Devin started playing better and when Terrence Williams started playing to his potential, Courtney Lee started to improve.  Being a role player is fine, especially if the Nets are looking at a guy like LeBron (yes!) or Joe Johnson (no!).

Let me revise that last sentence to "Being a role player is fine, especially when the Bulls already have guys like Derrick Rose (yes!) and Carlos Boozer (also yes!)". Check out more of that post for details on Lee's advanced defensive numbers. Very impressive. He can knock down an open three, too: he's shooting 39 percent from deep this season, and hit 158 trey's in his first two years combined.

Of course, it's easy to see why the Bulls want to keep Asik around. Finding big men that can move as well as Asik is no simple task, and he's been getting better as the season progresses. Asik finishes strong (dunk leader!), competes for rebounds, and has proven himself a worthy shot-blocker.

Trading Asik for Lee would probably improve the team this year. Once Joakim Noah comes back, either Asik or Kurt Thomas is going see extended bench time. Thomas won't be around forever, though, and back-up centers don't grow on trees. Even knowing that stat-star Morey covets Asik makes him seem more desirable. Maybe one day Asik will be really good! What do the Bulls know, they don't even have an analytical department.

The trade deadline is February 24. I hear something might happen with 'Melo, too.

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Asik isn't going anywhere!

agreed. seems more likely that they get anthony parker for a second round pick.

It probably is more likely, but I don't see the point. Parker hasn't made enough field goals to qualify this year due to missing some time, but if he were qualified, he would rank 23rd out of 24 in shooting guard field goal percentage, just ahead of the dearly departed John Salmons. He is better than Bogans, but not by much. I would be pretty unhappy to give up any sort of asset for him, even if it is just a second round pick.

With Lee you get a guy that's young enough to grow with the team. Asik-for-Lee really is probably a fair trade, but as Rick's post says I still don't know that I would do it as it's harder to find a big guy than a guard.

The fact is, though, unless you're dumpster-diving for guys like Anthony Parker, Asik is probably the most tradeable commodity on the team if the Bulls are serious about improving the 2-guard situation/offense. Everyone else is either untouchable (Rose, Noah, Boozer, Deng), would seriously weaken certain areas the team if traded (Korver, Brewer, Watson), old (Thomas, Scalabrine), or bad (Bogans, Scalabrine, JJ).). That doesn't necessarily mean I'm in favor of this trade, as I'm pretty torn, but I would rather make no trades at all than trade for a guy like Parker.

Oh. And Taj. He also exists.

Throw him in the Korver-Brewer-Watson category.

all good points but

he's still shooting 40% from the arc
he does play good D
he'd come cheap

courtney lee obviously has far more tremendous upside potential (+100000) though so I guess the question is who would you rather bank on developing, the lovable oaf or the slick 2 guard

i would rather see any move than no move as i think the bulls have a legit chance this year if they upgrade that 2 spot.

I guess I'd be cool with Parker if they make it clear to him that his only offensive role is to sink the open three-balls that Clank Bogans can't handle.

Then let Parker and Bogans both walk and see what you can do with the little money you have available in the offseason. (Please sign for the mid-level exception, Jason Richardson or Jamal Crawford.)

It may just be a coincidence, but isn't it just a bit troubling that Lee has been on three teams in three years? If he was so good, the Magic or Nets wouldn't have gotten rid of him so quickly and the Rockets wouldn't be dealing him now. He may be an upgrade over Bogans, but I'd rather have the size of the Turkish Delight.

How great would good old number 12 look in a Bulls jersey right now?

Ricky, please tell me that you didn't want the Bulls to pay BG 60 MILLION to be the leading scorer on a 40-win team?

If we're factoring in contracts, neither BG nor Hinrich would have been a fit. If we still had Hinrich, the Bulls wouldn't have been able to afford some sort of combo like Brewer-Asik-Thomas.

well true good point, but they still would have been able to sign Thomas for cheap and they already had Asik, so basically it would have come down to who would you rather have on this Bulls team, Hinrich or Brewer? I'd take Hinrich no questions asked. People forget how great he played in the last 2 playoff series vs. Boston and Cleveland.

sorry forgot to put my name

I don't know. Kevin Ollie's kinda old.

I say definite no on the trade. It would be one thing if the Bulls were starting Bogans because he was the best option available, but they have Brewer and Korver already on the team. I don't see Lee being a big upgrade over either of those two guys. Keep Asik and bench Bogans, it's the best solution

I'm going to be pissed if they trade him, I just ordered a custom asik jersey after the jazz game

I've gone back and forth on this, but at the moment I'm saying NO TRADE. I think what the bulls really need is a good wing player, that can hit an open three. They need a guy that can create his own offense from the perimeter, cause last I checked D Rose is the only player on the bulls that can do that. As great as Deng has been this year, there are times where someone one needs to be able to create their own shot to take some pressure off D Rose, and Deng has struggled as of late in doing so.
Another thing, Asik is the only healthy guy we have on this team that is taller than 6'9". That is a big deal, considering Noah's injuries these past two seasons.

Final Answer: Turkish Delight

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