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The SEC Must Lose. (TUP 2011 BCS National Title Preview)

by Bobby Loesch on January 10, 2011 at 1:06PM

Earlier this year, we decided both Oregon and Auburn would be extremely likable national champions. October 26, 2010 -- go:
What I'd really want to see more than anything -- and Ryan's on board, too -- is an Auburn and Oregon national title game.

You want to talk about deserving? Auburn was famously snubbed from the USC-Oklahoma title game where USC killed OU so badly that the Sooners were laughing and making jokes on the sideline in the third quarter because the game was that decided. How stupid. Oregon is equally deserving. They probably could have won the national title back in that 2007 season when Dennis Dixon was becoming a spread monster before his knee decided no one could have fun anymore. Seeing him aggravate his already torn ACL against Arizona -- without getting hit or anything -- was so painful to watch. It was, like, out of a sad sports movie. Plus, they suspended cool LeGarrette Blount for a really, really long time after he jacked that dude in the face (just because white people were upset), and they kicked incumbent starting QB Jeremiah Masoli off their team in the off-season because they'd had enough of his shenanigans. The karma is on their side.
So there you go. Both teams, deep down, would be pretty solid to have as winners.

oregonart.jpgOregon asses agree.

But what would TUP college football coverage be without digging deeper (too deep?) and bitching about the SEC (mandated)? It must be done.

So let's nitpick. Why should you root against Auburn in this game?


Yeah, everybody's favorite heavenly football conference absolutely demolished the Big Ten on New Year's Day. And as much as I want to make excuses about home-field disadvantage, having two BCS teams messing up the slotting order in bowls because the Big Ten has no conference title game, and all of the usual crap, I'd rather just suck it up and admit the Big Ten pretty much blew ass. That's fine. But let's not pen in the SEC as top dogs yet (as they're always presumed to be). A quick look at 2010-11 overall bowl records by conference, though January 8:

Notice anything?

Any... win-loss record on there stand out to you?

Wait... 4-5? Isn't that...


Are you serious?! Two spots away?! Screw you, SEC! Yes, a win by Auburn tonight would only bring the SEC up to .500 in bowl play. But maybe that's inevitable when you send ten different teams to bowl games. Insane. And you know how people always rip on the Big East for sucking so mightily year in and year out? They'll finish at 4-2 this year. And as Doc Saturday pointed out, after Kentucky's loss to Pitt the SEC is now 13-17 against the Big East since 2001. Unreal.

The flip side: the arguments for the SEC in the BCS national title game are strong. The SEC has never lost in the BCS-era national title game, and they've won the last four in a row. ESPN's Ivan Maisel lists "SEC" as the No. 1 reason Auburn will win tonight. Over Cam Newton, who is listed at No. 2. The conference is more important than the Heisman winner.

Ugh, so horrible.

To make matters worse, the Southern morons continued their tradition of buffoonery in the Sugar Bowl last week, chanting "SEC!" during pre-game when the teams took the field. Seriously, imagine if the Big Ten did this. Northwestern's playing Missouri in some random bowl with NU students and alum chanting "Big Ten! Big Ten! BIG TEN!"

They wouldn't do this. Because it is stupid. These people should not get a pass.

Hey, if Cam Newton wrecks shit tonight, I'll enjoy it just as much as you probably should (mobile, big, athletic QBs rule), and Auburn really isn't the worst of the worst, but really, you should probably be rooting for Oregon to win the game from the start. Big picture, it's for the best.

We must put an end to this insufferability. Or, at the very least, put a dent in its armor.

Bobby Loesch is the assistant editor of Tremendous Upside Potential. He can be reached at bobbyloesch [at] gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @bobbystompy.

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Who cares, college football is gay.

I too learned alot in this! I will now root for Oregon because of your good writing.

As an aside, TUP needs to introduce more ass into the blog. Ass>Boobs.

Played on a weekday evening, so far removed from the Holiday festivities, and over a month since their last games, I don't see a lot of interest in a game purported to be for the National Championship. There really isn't very much buzz or enthusiasm; at least from what I can see.

A playoff system would not only be fairer, it would also keep interest keen from week to week, and give people other than regional fans a chance to get more personally invested. As it currently stands, I really couldn't give a fuck about either of these two teams.

As it currently stands, I really couldn't give a fuck about either of these two teams ...

... other than thoroughly enjoying the fact that neither of them are Michigan.


I get that c-football sucks, but low interest?...

This game was the highest selling ticket in American pro sports history.

*sports history

That doesn't mean that there was a lot of national interest. I doubt that it was hard to find plenty of sucker students and alumni from both schools to fill the joint.

What were the TV ratings like? I didn't watch a single down.

TV ratings were high.

That game reaffirmed my conviction that college football sucks.

Highest SELLING, not highest interest. Look at Oregon and Auburn and realize that they are both heavily backed by shoe companies. Oregon, being Nike's main program and Auburn being Under Armour's second priority (behind Maryland) and there was tons of shoe money and alum money thrown around for tickets.

People in these parts of the country have NOTHING going on in their lives and would gladly sell their trailers and step kids for a chance to watch their team play for a title.

College football is fucking gay.

you're writing sucks worse than your beloved Michigan.

have fun with Les Miles...oh wait, he turned you down too

Can we get the Bob Hoke post up already? I think I speak for all TUP readers when I say we're sitting on pins and needles wondering where TUP stands. Jeez man, it's been over twenty minutes since the story broke! Is this the guy that will take Michigan to a top six finish in the Big Ten?

And by Bob Hoke I mean Brady Hoke, of course. (Read: no one gives a fuck.)

This guy really resents all that internet space being taken up by Bobby's Michigan love.

Two college football posts in the last two months, and y'all are that salty? I can't imagine how unhappy I must have made you when the Hybrid was weekly...

As a testament to your writing ability, Bobby, I usually enjoy reading your college football Hybrid, because as a casual fan of CFB I can get the gist of what is happening in the Top 25 without ridiculous fanboy (well, some, but it's of the cute 'I think my teams actually have a chance to win' variety) or commentary interference.

That being said, there are NFL Playoffs, College Hoops, and the NHL and NBA seasons are starting to hit full stride and it irritates me to read about college football now.

I can't support a "sport" in which a team can win every game and not even have a CHANCE at competing for a Championship. Totally ludicrous.

That being said, there are NFL Playoffs, College Hoops, and the NHL and NBA seasons are starting to hit full stride and it irritates me to read about college football now.

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