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The Tuesday Roundup: In Which We Link To Both Sam Smith and Pitchfork, Because We're Just That Cool

by Ricky O'Donnell on November 16, 2010 at 12:01AM

A picture says exactly 1,000 words, yes? That's good. Because, for a while, I actually thought I'd have to write 1,000 words on the Bulls getting their Circus Trip on starting tonight in Houston. Instead, I'll just sum everything up with this picture of a sad midget-clown drinking a Tecate.

Ideally, Sad Clown in this scenario is acting sad at Rucker Park while an And-1 game full of sweet dunks, cool crossovers, and impressive athletic accomplishments breaks out in front of him.

The Bulls' role in this analogy should be clear.

* * *
Yes, these Bulls have been a joy to watch through eight games this season, but that doesn't mean we should head into Circus Trip 2K10 with delusional hopes. The Bulls get crushed on this monster every year, and we shouldn't expect that to change until we see it with our own eyes.

On the subject of the Circus Trip, Matt wrote yesterday at Blog-a-Bull, "Expectations should stay low: staying competitive will be a good sign, and any victory will be fantastic."

If you saw yesterday's RedEye, you know that not everyone is being so pessimistic realistic. Four-to-six wins on the seven-game road trip was listed only as "acceptable", while one-to-three wins would be seen be seen as "worrisome".

Here at TUP, we're counting each win as "euphoric" and working from there. This works for everyone, yes?

Bonus link: Sam Smith on shooting guards the Bulls should trade for. Count us as #TeamMayo.


A funny thing happened during the Bears' seven-day reign as the worst 5-3 team in league history: somehow, they seem poised for 7-3, and a safe bet to be playing in the postseason consolation tournament known as the NFC playoffs.

For real: this could and really should happen. It's funny because they're terrible.

Regardless, everything looks like it's falling into place for a Bears victory on Thursday. Chicago Breaking Sports explains...

Not only will Miami be minus its top two quarterbacks, with both Chad Pennington and Chad Henne suffering possible season-ending injuries Sunday, the Dolphins also could be without left tackle Jake Long and outside linebacker Cameron Wake...

All such huge breaks for our Bears.

Long is a former No. 1 overall draft pick, and is regarded as one of the league's premier tackles. Wake is second among all NFL linebackers with nine sacks. Tyler Thigpen, the foreseen Miami quarterback come Thursday night, hasn't seen significant playing time since 2008. His pedigree: a seventh round draft pick out of Coastal Carolina in 2007.

Even Google doesn't know that school's mascot.

In more exciting news: I realized yesterday that Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator gives the Bears a shout-out in "Session", a mostly forgettable track from his excellent "Bastard" LP, which I think I've listened to approximately 112 times in the past week.

So for those keeping score at home of the emerging "The Bears are almost cool now" meme, the Bears' almost-cool resume looks like this:

3) Wrote a blank check to Julius Peppers in free agency.

2) Traded two first round picks for a 25-year old quarterback coming off a Pro Bowl season.

1) Once received dap from a 19-year old hip-hop prodigy poised to take over the universe.

Seriously: I don't think there's been a band with this much hype since The Strokes*, and I couldn't be more excited. And I barely even like rap music. I am entirely too susceptible to blog hype. It is most likely pathetic.  

Hopefully, the Bears will repay the homage by wearing a "Free Earl" patch on their jerseys.

earl-sweatshirt.jpgFree this man.

Earl -- since you're obviously wondering -- is the 16-year old self-proclaimed "reincarnation of '98 Eminem" who says really relatable stuff like "try talking on a blog with your fucking arms cut off".

I think I used that exactly line once in response to some hater during my Sun-Times Full Court Press days. As you can tell, we're pretty much best friends.

*This is definitely not true, but maybe close.

* * *
This has nothing to do with anything (fits the theme), but I found this missed dunk by Blake Griffin to be totally mesmerizing. If you're not sold immediately, wait until the end of the video when they show it in slow-mo.

He'll probably decapitate himself going for an alley-oop before the season's over. Or, as Aziz would say, "the most baller death of all-time!!!!"

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* little person.

Chauncey the Chanticleer -- coastal carolina's mascot. Three seconds on google. Three seconds.


best post ever. stream of consciousness should be the new TUP format.

I like my girls how I like my drugs=white.

Figures you're into Odd Future. Dudes are so overrated, but because white hipsters caught wind of them before MTV, the are labeled, "great".

man it's 2010 what the fuck is MTV?! this shit is straight up good! http://hypem.com/#/track/1169715/Tyler+The+Creator+-+AssMilk+Featuring+Earl

"This shit is straight up good."

I beg to differ. It's not awful, but it's not great. It's merely a bunch of privileged teenagers spitting profane stream-of-consciousness verses over wannabe 9th Wonder and Madvillian beats.

The only reason they're "unique" is because they happen to be young and they're from the West Coast, where underground hip-hop is usually relegated to bad Mack 10 knock-offs and dudes "Ghost Riding the Whip"

Def Jux, MF Doom, etc have been doing this shit on the east coast for the better part of the decade.

I also collect blogs in my free time.

Hey Hosebag: Why don't you spend a little more time collecting your thoughts before you post?

I legit LOLed in my cube at the clown.


All sad clowns like to relax with a tall Tecate/Tecate Light.

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