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Bulls Blow Out Warriors: A First Person Account From the United Center

by Ricky O'Donnell on November 12, 2010 at 12:04AM

I was able to get my hands on some 100-level Bulls tickets last night at a pretty steep discount. It was definitely the first time I've ever had good seats for an NBA game. You always hear Simmons talk about the difference sitting close makes -- he's probably right. I generally tend to get distracted in the nosebleeds. This is because I have the attention span of Ron Artest.

http://www.tremendousupsidepotential.com/img/ron-artest-thinking.jpgChick peas. Bananas. Purple. Acorns. Magnets. The Diplomats. Miss you, Cam'Ron.

The game is much more engaging up close. The seats weren't quite good enough to catch the on-court chatter, but it was still cool to get a more magnetized view of everyone's facial expressions and body language. Also: NBA players are very, very tall. Never forget this.

Anyways, I was thoroughly entertained throughout Bulls-Warriors. The fact that the Bulls were kicking major ass the whole time didn't hurt, though. My only regret -- as always -- is that I continue to have an anti-smart phone. Sorry, TUP photo essay fanatics.

Coming in, I was hoping for three things.

1. Bulls win. The Circus Trip is devastating enough to be a proper noun at this point, and the Bulls start the annual death march on Tuesday. Gotta get W's while you still can.

2. Sweet Derrick Rose slam dunks. This should probably be No. 1.

3. Free Big Mac's.

ronald-mcdonald-big-mac.jpg100 points!

Mission accomplished on all three. The Bulls charged out of the gates with a 14-point lead after the first quarter, and Golden State never made it close. Rose had a pair of two-handed Dominique Wilkins-style tomahawk slams in the first too, so check-plus on that one. Korver secured the beef with a three-pointer early in the fourth. Sadly, it probably got the biggest cheer of the evening from the crowd. Well, either that or Chocolate Doughnut's big win in the 800-meter sprint on the jumbotron.

* * *
-- I rarely go to games, so forgive me if this is a Captain Obvious-type thought, but: the atmosphere at NBA games is very odd. You could even describe it as "phony", Holden Caulfield.

For one, the amount of noise pumped into the United Center is startling. I can't even write two sentences if the TV isn't on mute -- I could never imagine playing a basketball game with 21,000 thousand screaming fans + a soundtrack seemingly put together by Eddie and JoBo.

eddie-and-jobo.jpgThe collective face of pop music in Chicago.

I'm telling you, man. The music there is straight-up punishing.

The halftime show was really insane, too. It was a two-person guy-girl act in which the male would hold up a pole 20 or 30 feet in the air (no exaggeration), balancing it on either his forehead, shoulder, or waist. The female would proceed to scale said pole and more or less perform stripper moves. Everyone went crazy. Good times.  

-- Jeremy Lin logged nine minutes of PT for Golden State. I found myself rooting for him the entire time. Seemed chill.

* * *
Every Bulls starter scored at least 14 points. They shot 54 percent from the field. They hit seven three's. All in all, a fantastic win for our Bulls.

They now have a better record than the Heat. 72 and STFU.

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No mention of Wood?

Can't believe I forgot to mention that....

So: Kerry Wood walked right past me. He was sitting one section over. I had better seats.

You might of had a similar thing as I did... I had to interview him a few years back and when I walked up to him, I was blown away by just how tall the dude really is. It was a bit of a jolt. It took me a second before I had to ask him some of the dumbest shit in the world.

Your description of the atmosphere is exactly why I prefer college basketball (sports, in general) over the NBA. It is SO sad and, as you put it, phony.

I think TUP needs to take all the fat advertising money and invest in a digital camera. Or just steal Lauren's when she gets drunk.

Photo essays > word essays

Dig the site, man.

Interested in exchanging blogrolls? I could use the Chitown bias.

There might just be a free Big Mac in it for ya'

Hit me up at http://sportschump.net

The Big 10:

Either this division completely blows ... OR ...

... They're all very good, and suffer the misfortune of being forced to beat up on one another on a weekly basis.

If you look at their collective losses, many of them have come from games within the division. I wonder what their individual records would look like if they had to play more of the top ranked teams. It's easy to discount a team like Northwestern when it has three losses, but all three of those losses have been to good teams within their division. The blemishes on some of our other formerly top ranked teams also come against their fellow Big 10 brethren.

Ohio State loses to Wisconsin.
Michigan State loses to Iowa.
Iowa loses to Northwestern.
Michigan loses to everybody.

You get my drift.

Tebow shoots ... he scores ... and it counts!!!

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