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The Hybrid: Peace, Pretenders

by Bobby Loesch on October 7, 2010 at 9:02AM

Wisconsin gets its first loss, Penn State is out of the rankings, Florida State's barely in them, and LSU... wait, LSU is still undefeated? Aw, dammit.

* * *

Yes, I know I spent all of last week making fun of Ben Chappell, but despite his gaudy numbers, Chaps proved little to me against Michigan's defense. I tip my hat to him for a great game, but Michigan's secondary is no gauge of anything. I still need to see him do it against a real team. Like, once.

USC: Goodnight, sweet prince. The Trojans fell to Washington, which completely ends their national relevance for the year. No more people getting mad at Lane, no more "they're undefeated, so it's funny" two point conversion attempts, and no more awkwardness of an undefeated team not going to a bowl. It was fun while it lasted, boys.

The good news? Looks like they're coming out on top of a mostly meaningless lawsuit.

Northwestern's QB...Is Good?: Listen, I hate mediocre Big Ten QBs as much -- if not way, way more -- than the next person, but I had a small window to watch that Persa dude take on Minnesota's defense, and I gotta say, he looked impressive. He made some accurate throws, had some speedy runs, and the stats actually back him up:

Throwing: 10 TDs, 2 INTs, and an insanely high completion percentage of 79.4%
Rushing: 271 yards, 4.0 YPC, and 2 TDs

While NU has played three non-BCS teams, wins over Minnesota and Vanderbilt should at least make those stats slightly -- slightly -- impressive, even if you're a skeptic.

persafierce.jpgFierce Like Ben Chappell

But here's why none of this matters: he's a senior, so we'll never get to see him play again after this, and Northwestern doesn't face Ohio State this year. So the only elite defense he'll see is Iowa. That's kind of a shame. Oh well... maybe he'll win at Wisconsin in his last Big Ten game and mess up their season even more. That'd be great.

UPDATE: He's apparently a junior. My bad. Here's some bonus info about Persa as my apology for getting that wrong: he likes Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine, "Always Sunny", and Drew Bledsoe. He's so cool.

I can't believe I just wrote that much about Dan Persa.

This Les Miles Thing Is Just...Man:
By now, if you care, you know exactly what happened in the LSU-Tennessee game. Honestly, what else is left to say about Les Miles? I'm so undecided on the guy. I wholeheartedly root against him, but it doesn't totally bother me to see him win. While he snubbed Michigan a few years back during M's coaching search, and I was a little peeved when it happened, him saying no led to RichRod and Denard ... AKA the only good things about my life. So I can't fault him for not going Blue. What do y'all think? Les Miles, yay or nay?

I mostly like the idea of a 5-0 coach being on the hot seat. Such a lucky bastard.

Tim Brewster's World: Speaking of 5-0, do you have anything to say, Play4Brew?
We could be sitting here 5-0 right now.
Oh, Play4Brew...

DENARD: Denard has already passed Charles Woodson and is now neck and neck with Antwaan Randel El as my favorite college football player of all-time. He has started five games. I barely know how we got here.

Quick, Selective Hits On The AP Top 25

1) Alabama (58): Treated Florida like Nebraska treated Jake Locker. If you don't want to hate yourself, it's probably best not to buy in to all the 'Bama fatigue. Just let it happen.

2) Ohio State (1): Everything I feel when Denard gets hurt felt the exact opposite when TP got hurt. This makes me a bad person.

3) Oregon: At this point, I almost want Michigan to lose (kidding, kidding) so we can all hop on the Duck bandwagon. Clay Travis says he sees them losing a conference game this year, but to who? That'd be tragic.

4) Boise State (1): You're still around?

5) TCU
6) Oklahoma: Two games against ranked teams the rest of the year. Those teams (Missouri, Okie State) are ranked 24th and 22nd, respectively. What the hell happened to the Big 12?

7) Nebraska
: Down goes Texas! And with that, Nebraska's schedule takes another hit as UT drops out of the rankings. Fortunately, they too have Mizzou and OSU on the schedule. Ranked opponents, baby. If either of those teams loses before that and further bones Nebraska, that'd be pretty great. Nothing against Nebraska, but the situation would be such an unfair bonejob by their opponents.

8) Auburn
9) Arizona: As an Iowa fan, do I root for Arizona to keep winning, which strengthens Iowa's loss to them? Or do I take the vindictive route and root against them because I'm bitter? ... .... .... .... Vindictive.

10) Utah

11) Arkansas
12) LSU: Les Miles.

13) Miami (FL): Miami ranked ahead of Florida, so booyah. Let's watch some clips some hand selected clips by Hybrid's Miami fan, Paige.
The 2nd TD pass is at the 23-second mark, the last TD pass is at the 4:12 mark... both TDs were SICK. There's also an AWESOME 4th-and-1 stop at the 5:24 mark. Brandon Harris is a fucking WALL. The whole highlights reel is inspiring, but a little long at 8+ minutes, so I am trying to pull the highlight-y-ist highlights for you. There is a fun defensive play at 1:48 with a bunch of slo-mos after. ... Here's the link (and full-screen this shit): http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=Peb4Au430Dc&vq=medium 
The 1:48 one is totally the best. Just... loaded with violence.

14) Florida: What up, irrelevant?

15) Iowa
: What up, Penn State?

16) Stanford
17) Michigan State: Actual exchange from the Detroit Spartan wedding last week...

One half of the room: GO GREEN!
Other half of the room: GO WHITE!
One half of the room: GO GREEN!
Other half of the room: GO WHITE!
One half of the room: GO GREEN!
Other half of the room: GO WHITE!
One half of the room: GO GREEN!
Other half of the room: GO WHITE!
Random Person (only sort of audible): Go Blue.
Whole Room (offended): AWWWW.

18) Michigan
: Has their ever been a bigger college football chasm than Michigan's 2010 offense and Michigan's defense? Maybe if Urban Meyer ever coached against Play4Brew...

19) South Carolina
20) Wisconsin: YOU LOSE, crap asses.

21) Nevada

22) Oklahoma State
23) Florida State
24) Missouri
25) Air Force

He gone: USC, Texas, Penn State ... Have we ever seen a trio of more marquee teams dropping out of the rankings? USC is funny, Penn State has always sucked this year, but I have no idea what's wrong with Texas. Is it really just an issue of finding a go-to offensive playmaker? Every game that passes since Jordan Shipley left has made Jordan Shipley look that much more valuable. That Colt McCoy guy was OK, too.

Any Sweet Games This Weekend?

Nebraska (7) at Kansas State:
Nebraska is two spots away from this game being an automatic inclusion, but a Thursday game mixed with primetime vaults it to ASGTW status.

Indiana at Ohio State (2):
Aright, Chappell. Once and for all and for-super-ever: are you actually good?

Alabama (1) at South Carolina (19): Had no idea this was happening until looking it up right now. Damn, 'Bama might, like, have a real schedule, eh? From the not bold at all department, I really don't see USC being able to win this game. What's their defense like?

Michigan State (17) at Michigan (18):
Game of the week. Little brother travels to play big brother in a battle of undefeated in-state rivals. This is probably a win-win for MSU. Win, and they have their longest streak against M since forever. Lose? They be all like "well, Dantonio had a heart attack and wasn't coaching." And honestly, that's not the worst excuse I've ever heard. MSU QB Kirk Cousins is in that Ben Chappell/Dan Persa/Curtis Painter zone where he's quite established and statistical but really doesn't have any mega-huge wins over juggernaut programs on his resume. That slight of Wisconsin and Notre dame was beyond intentional.

Pittsburgh at Notre Dame: Speaking of my boys, confession: now that Notre Dame's suffered two heartbreaking losses -- with one being downright controversial -- I've found myself slightly rooting for them to have competitive games. Not win, per se, but look respectable. Am I still a little pissed when they win? Well, yeah.

Oregon (3) at Washington State: Awwww yeah! Martin Stadium will be rocking ... for a severe beatdown unlike any other much like the other severe beatdowns. Wazzu is so bad, this game probably shouldn't quality for the 'Top 5 on the road vs. BCS team' rule. That said, the Cougars were quite frisky against UCLA last week*.


Oregon State at Arizona (9): Here we go now, Beavs.

Utah (10) at Iowa State:
This game fascinates me. How does it exist? Could Iowa State come close? I love it.

Auburn (8) at Kentucky: Meh.

LSU (12) at Florida (14):
This is probably the real game of the week. But... it's LSU. Come on. They're bad.

It'd really be something if Miles made it out of this one.

Florida State (23) at Miami (13):
How could a game with a team this cool still be so damn boring on paper? The Seminole Factor. I'd like to see The U take this by roughly 80 points but would settle for 20ish.

Speaking of The U, cool athletes, and taunting: I play in this slowpitch softball league. Our team has a couple former high school baseball players, we play up to our potential, but we generally lose a lot and are bad. Last night, we played this team of mashers ranging from age 24 to probably 54. They hit multiple home runs, could pretty much put the ball anywhere they wanted on the field, and they were way out of our league. It was a a series of back-to-back games, but the whole thing felt decided in two minutes. A couple innings into the first game, they started holding guys at 2nd and 3rd base when their hits were going out to the warning track, just so they could save the RBIs for the next guy coming up bat. Like, they were blatantly not running when they easily could because they were so positive the next guy would easily be able to get a hit -- which was what usually happened.

Now... I was torn. I loved the cockiness and swagger, and if a team did that in MLB, it'd be unarguably great (think about if Jeter did that for A-Rod). But in slowpitch softball?! I don't know. I found it grating. I don't understand why real baseball players would ever play slowpitch. Seems pointless to me. Add this to the pile of reasons why football and basketball are mega-superior to baseball. Great football and b-ball teams would never, ever play in a league with such inferior competition. You know why? Because they have pride and play sports that are real.

USC at Stanford (16): Let's shock the world.

Big Ten Rant

Props to Illinois for giving Ohio State a game last week. Thanks for not sucking completely.

College Football Bandwagon

Every year, once my actual favorite teams have been eliminated from the national title picture (by, you know, losing just one game), my buddy Ryan and I create what we call the "College Football Bandwagon" which mostly consists of a list of all the undefeated BCS conference teams minus Notre Dame (and sometimes others). The goal of the CFB is to fake feel good about yourself when your "team" makes the national title game. Plus it gives you invested fake rooting interests.

College Football Bandwagon 2010

Michigan is a microcosm for Denard. Their offense is like Denard (good), and their defense is like when Denard gets hurt (not on the field).

Tim Tebow Pro Check-In

Week 4: Broncos 26, Titans 20:
Big win over Tennesee for the Broncos. And another DNP for Tebow.

Even worse, it appears expected dud Kyle Orton is bucking the odds and entrenching himself as Denver's starter. Outside of my maniac friend Ed, few people saw this development coming. Even the people in the "he's a solid/game manager QB" camp couldn't thought Orton's season would work out this well. Tebow, you stay on the bench.

Season Standings

Next week: Broncos at Ravens ... Hey, maybe Orton will get knocked out and Tebow can see the field. So yeah, that's where we're at with this now.

USC Random Two Point Conversion Check In

What They Said -- A Take On Others' CFB Takes

We're clean this week.

Random Picture I Came Across While Googling Stuff For This Post


Wrapping It Up...

I really think that MSU-Michigan game has a chance to be something special, but I'm incredibly biased and probably shouldn't be taken seriously.

Bobby Loesch is the assistant editor of Tremendous Upside Potential. He can be reached at bobbyloesch [at] gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @bobbystompy.

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"But here's why none of this matters: he's a senior, so we'll never get to see him play again after this, and Northwestern doesn't face Ohio State this year. So the only elite defense he'll see is Iowa. That's kind of a shame. Oh well... maybe he'll win at Wisconsin in his last Big Ten game and mess up their season even more. That'd be great."

Dan Persa is a junior.

My bad, fixed.

Les Miles is the worst person in the world. No discussion. Also, South Carolina's defense is pretty damn good--a lot of HUGE recruits. Granted, it did fuck up the Auburn game, but Auburn's offense is shockingly good.

Oh glorious day! Nick Saban gets it shoved up his arrogant ass, AND the Wolverines spit the bit!

I can die a happy man.

And under the heading, "Count Your Blessings" :

The Beloved are 4-2 in spite of the fact that for the first four games they got zilch out of their running attack, and had no production whatsoever at the QB position for the last two games.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rogers' physician is consulting with Jay Cutler's physician regarding therapy, and Brett Favre has his pants on the ground.

Go Jets!

4-2? I must have been concussed.

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