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Delusional Knicks Fans Create Worst T-Shirt Ever

by Ricky O'Donnell on February 16, 2010 at 12:23AM

February has been a banner month for t-shirts. First: "Bang Gang", a homage to the unholy trinity of bad, white Bulls centers from the 90's, capped with a perfect and almost certainly nonexistent nickname.

Now? The polar opposite. From none of the people who brought you the best shirt ever, comes....the worst shirt ever.


Yes, that is what you think it is. It's a picture of tatted up bro #1 wearing a shirt commemorating John Starks' dunk "on" Michael Jordan in the 1993 Eastern Conference Playoffs.

This is being sold. People - perhaps lots of them? - are walking around New York City in this t-shirt right now.

It'd be enough to make me sick if it wasn't so funny.

Knicks fans, delusional much?

Obviously, the first thing I thought of was Stompy's favorite post. The relevant part:

I walk into the entrance of Madison Square Garden. On the right side, there's this long photo montage of all of these notable events that have happened in the arena. Basically a wide array of concerts and sporting events. Included was this picture:

...and this picture:

The level of denial New York seems to have about the success of the 1990s Knicks borders on psychotic.

Now... ideally, you're on my side and think Knicks fans are delusional, but I'm sure there are some people who are thinking "But Bobby, they're just emphasizing some of their highlights from the 90s! Maybe they never won a title, but they had some good teams and players! It's not a big deal!"

Not a big deal?!?!

As if you needed more ammunition for your "why John Starks is my least favorite basketball player ever" argument, now we have it.

The fact that he's dunking the Knicks logo with "Starks" in the same font only makes me more pissed. And, I mean, the way the "2" is faded on the back.....Jesus. How is this legal?!

Why not just cut to the chase and put "Starks > Jordan" on the sleeve and get it over with.

And that $28 price tag is so outrageous. Anyone who spends that kind of money on this is my enemy, and, moreover, whoever thought of it should be imprisoned.

For what it's worth, here's a video of the creators talking about the shirt.

H/T: No-Look Pass

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I propose they make a shirt of Pippen and Grant blocking Charles Smith three times in a row from point blank range in the final seconds of game 5.

Amen, brotha.

I just puked in my mount a little bit.

I'm sure those shirts are good for things such as: cleaning your car, washing windows, dirty dog paws, dust cloths, and keeping cold air from getting beneath your door.

Unless Jordan signed off on this (there's no way he did), he is going to sue. He sues everything and anyone who uses his likeness for profit. He even sued Dominick's and Jewel for using his identity in an ad after he got into the HOF.


He even sued a cosmetics/watch company.


i hope he sues. nobody fucks with mj

Has to be a Top 5 in-game dunk though.

What cave have you been living in?

Best Knicks/Bulls dunk I've ever seen wasn't even with MJ around. It was when Pippen threw it down on Ewing's head, knocked him to the ground, and then stood over him, looking down on him.

Give Knicks fans some slack. We haven't had much to get excited about. That John Starks dunk was the only time the Knicks got the better of Jordan.

I bought the shirt, and I must say, it's ONE of my best t-shirt purchases ever. MJ has his 6 rings, millions of $'s, his white girl-flavors of the week, and his legacy... but give my main man John Starks his due! Learn his story before you decide to judge him, and enjoy one of the most fearless players EVER in NBA history, image, immortalized on a shirt! This was a great moment, and not too many (if any) can say they dunked on the greatest player of all-time at such a pivotal moment in the game! Long live #3!

where did u get the shirt from? i want one

Why do people think that Starks dunked on Jordan here? If anything Grant got the worst of it. There wasn't even contact between Starks and Jordan? Nothing like when Jordan took Starks right out of his shoes and dunked legit in Ewing's grill.


But then again, who didn't dunk on Ewing?


It's because people refuse to watch the other angle. People are morons. Grant got dunked on, all MJ did was come late for help defense and he stuck his arm out. How this constitutes being dunked on is beyond me.

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Where can I get it from

C'mon everyone knows this! What constitutes a dunk is when someone/anyone, attempts to block and/or jump, in that specific moment of someone going up for a jam, and making it. Albeit, Horace caught the most of it, Jordan jumped, reached out to try and block Starks dunk, and FAILED! Therefore, he got dunked on, PERIOD!

Cool concept or the shirt, will definitely turn some heads. The idea has potential to sell. This shirt in particular is a big fail though, especially the numbers on the back.

where can I get the t shirt?

this is an ill shirt u knicks haters need to relax

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