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The 'Hawks win the greatest hockey game ever played

by Ricky O'Donnell on October 13, 2009 at 4:07AM

Or at least that's what Twitter and Facebook told me. I missed it, of course, because I was busy compiling photos of the Joliet Catholic boys golf team (kill me.). 

Thankfully, the good people at Puck Daddy - the Yahoo! hockey blog which you know is awesome because all of the Yahoo! sports blogs are awesome, duh - posted the highlights. Watch it for the first time, or watch it again because it's totally sweet.


Mad props to Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. O'Donnell for scoring free tickets to the game. Mom called it "a wonderful experience".

Despite the fact that I won't be able to watch many games once again this year because of work (or many Bulls games, for that matter), I have to say that I really like these Blackhawks. And yes, I have to go with "really like" as opposed to "absolutely love" because a few things could be better.

I'm sorry, but the whole Patrick Kane thing this summer was indefensible. I refuse to even make light of it by running with the '20 Cent' nickname. I probably make more excuses for athletes than most but that whole story really bothered me. It was terrible. It was not funny. This picture, however, is funny.

Thumbnail image for kanep2.jpg
Speaking of mistakes that are indefensible....let's talk about how the 'Hawks totally screwed up their salary cap! Or let's not. It's probably better that way. All I know is that one (and please God not two) of the Toews-Keith-Kane contingent that represents the core of this team will be lost with no compensation in return. Let this be a lesson to any armchair GM: you just can't go around giving people like Brian Campbell $56 million. These are the consequences.

And, for several reasons, I still don't like the great John McDonough. Seems like kind of a, um, "mean or contemptible person" to me.

Now that all the yucky stuff is out of the way, let's focus on what makes the 'Hawks awesome: their offense is totally, utterly sick. Siiick, even. Yes, three i's. They deserve it.

Yesterday's comeback was a sign of things to come in 2009-2010: the 'Hawks defense is okay, and I'll put it nicely by saying the jury is still out on Huet. If the 'Hawks are going to win games, they're going to have to outscore people. Luckily, this crew is completely capable of doing just that.

I've sang the praises of offense before for all my favorite teams. It's how I like to see sports be played. I feel like it's my calling card at this point. We may soon see the day when we have an official TUP t-shirt that reads "Defense is for pussies". Probably only $21.99!

As such, these 'Hawks make me very happy. Toews and Kane are dynamic with the puck. Patrick Sharp and Kris Versteeg are cold-blooded snipers. Brent Seabrook can rip a slapshot from the point that would make Al MacInnis jealous. Andrew Ladd and Dave Bolland get overshadowed by their stud teammates, but these guys are really good and really young. And that's without Hossa. Just wait until he comes back. I'm no hockey expert, but the dude is supposed to be one of the deadliest forwards around. Fanhouse's Adam Gretz named him the 15th best player in the league. When he returns this winter, it'll be like a shot of HGH: this team will score a bunch without him, but Hossa could take these 'Hawks to another stratosphere.
So yeah, savor of 2009-2010 'Hawks. I know I will. If the '05 Sox were the team of this decade, I think the '10 Blackhawks can be the team of the next. Crazy talk, I know, but this team feels special. Wacky stuff happens to teams that feel special. Something wacky happened last night. Sit back and strap it down, because I feel like this is going to be one wild season.

Dubs is back with a Northwestern tailgate recap, so please read that, too.

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I was at the game last night and it was such an awesome atmosphere. Once they scored the third goal I think everyone in the building believed they were going to win the game.

There is so much to love about this team (I'll give a pass to the goaltending for now), except for John McDonough. I'm reluctant to praise anything he's done so far. I still think that Tallon got a raw deal after putting together a great young group and I won't be sold on McDonough's signature signing of Hossa unless he makes a bigger impact than Havlat did last year.

But, if all his moves result in a cup then I'll have no problem praising the guy for his work. Anything less and I'm going to question him.

McDonough is NOT the GM. He is the president. Stan Bowman is the GM now. McDonough doesn't really make any personnel decisions. He is basically a glorified marketing director. Which in that role, he has done a pretty grand job. PS Tallon created this salary cap insanity.

Hossa, both Bowmans and Quenville are McDonough's guys. The Quenville call looks really good, but I'm not sold on the others yet.
Tallon wanted to keep Havlat, but McDonough wanted Hossa. Now the Blackhawks have Hossa and Bowman. McDonough wants to win, but he also wants to do it with his guys so he gets the glory he never got with the Cubs.

Sorry, I forgot to put my name on that.

Fair, in the fact that he wants his guys in power roles, but I do not see him having that big of a decision factor when it comes to player decisions. I know he did not with the Cubs in any way other than to say, "yes we have the money for that" or "no we don't have the money for that." He was pretty good at letting his GM's be GM's. Then again, it could be different now. I think he understands his limitations as a player personnel decision maker. At least I think.

We need someone smart to answer this, but: Everything I've ever read said Bowman was the cap master during Tallon's tenure. Thus, they probably both deserve a lot of the blame for the cap situation.

I agree with Connor, McDonough is a little too hands on for my liking. And at this point, I think I'm over the Hossa-Havlat thing, too. I loved Marty but I fully expect Hossa to be awesome. Still, I just don't know about McDonough. He seems like a slimeball.

Haha, I meant to write earlier, but don't short yourself for all the hard work you put into that gallery. I mean all 15 viewers of the gallery are greatly appreciative that you were indeed at work and not watching the game.

As you already know, winter sports aren't my thing, but I greatly appreciate signing a guy who clearly isn't going to play throughout the duration of that contract. I do it all the time in Madden, like if Ray Lewis wanted to play for my team, I would sign him for a maximum seven-year deal, full knowing that he will only be playing for the first two seasons, also the cheapest.

Thanks for the BigTenBeat shout out.

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