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Chicago MSM kicks 'Halladay to the White Sox' into overdrive

by Ricky O'Donnell on July 20, 2009 at 12:28AM

We've FJM'd Rick Morrissey here before, and when the text messages starting rolling in about his mandatory 'trade for Halladay' column, I figured it may have to be done again. I would have called Bradwell into duty for the post, since he's the only person I know who routinely FJM's emails from his parents (seriously).

I'm glad to report Morrissey fit in just enough non-stupidness to avoid the carnage, even if his proposal (Danks and Alexei) is dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. What's more important, though - I think - is how blood hungry the Chicago mainstream press has been for Halladay. It seems like journalists want him significantly more than the fans.

Morrissey's not the first to write about the issue that may or may not even be an issue. The Sun-Times' Joe Cowley can't go a day without mentioning Halladay. I can't tell you how many different ways I read Ozzie quoted as saying "Kenny's going to do what's best for the team".

No, you don't say! All you reporters out there, please stop asking Ozzie about Halladay. This can only end horribly. Questions about Halladay a) aren't relevant to the team, and b) aren't relevant to Ozzie. Instead, why not ask him what he thinks about Mariotti again. Just a suggestion.

What's funny, though, is that you see very little Halladay talk on the assortment of top notch Sox blogs out there. I'd love to chalk this up to the MSM fishing for pageviews on a pie-in-the-sky trade. You know I'm historically leery of these types of things. But it goes without saying that if anyone could pull it off, it's Kenny Williams.

Why is Halladay to the Sox getting so much pub? Maybe it's because in the last 13 months, Chicago has been on a roll when it comes to acquiring superstars. The Bulls drafted Rose.The Bears traded for Jay Cutler. The 'Hawks signed Marian Hossa. To top it all off, the Cubs even got Milton Bradley.

miltonbradleyfall.jpgCue evil laugh.

So, who knows, maybe the Sox really are next with Halladay. I doubt it, but again, with Kenny Williams...

                       Anything is possible. I guess.

But let's clear a few things up: a) any trade for Halladay would not involve Beckham ('Bama Bangz = cash money) and b) it'll take more than it would have to land Peavy (Poreda and Richard).

If the Sox are actually serious about this, I suspect their offer would start with Poreda and new Charlotte Knight Tyler Flowers. A hefty price to pay, and I'm not even sure it would be good enough. Would it be worth it?

If the Sox think Quentin can come back and mash, and that Scotty Pods can keep it up, maybe it is. Because this trade is only worth it if the Sox think they can win the World Series this year. Part of me thinks that's crazy, the other part thinks that this may be the last year with Dye, Thome, ect., so why not go for it one last time?

I think it would be a one year rental. Halladay's contract expires after 2010, and the Sox sure as hell won't give a then 33-year old pitcher a four or five year contract for around $17 million a season. Halladay is that good and will want that type of money. So that means that Halladay would probably be on the block again this time next season. At least the Sox would be able to replenish the farm after trading it to get him.

Since we're talking about pie-in-the-sky trades, I'll throw another name out there: Dan Haren. The D'Backs are brutal, and Haren has been tearing it up all season. Don't forget the Sox (ie: Williams) have a long history of making trades with Arizona.

While I'm always scared to see an NL pitcher in the AL, Haren is three years younger than Halladay, has a cheaper contract, is signed for longer, and I actually think he's better.

Here's each pitcher's last eight starts.

The earned runs column for Haren is just filthy.

Halladay (or Haren) probably makes the Sox a shoe-in to win the division. Does it make them good enough to win the AL? The playoffs in baseball are so random, so who knows.

The trade deadline: just 11 days away. Getcha popcorn ready.

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Nice BLS link, one-upper. We're such go getters.

Also: I was watching an episode of Early Edition recently, and when he picked up the future version of the Sun-Times at the start of the show, none other than the famous Jay Mariotti mug shot was at the top of the paper. So that was awesome. I mean, it's going to live on in television history! Early Edition's just making him more famous.

I couldn't agree more with the fact that I can't understand why the press feels like Halladay is a "must-have." I haven't heard much about Haren on the block, but if he is, he makes so much more sense.

If they are going to make a move for a pitcher even for 2010 they might want to do it now because there is not much to pick from. Especially if Boston re-signs Beckett.

Keep in mind, $34 million come off the books in the offseason in Thome, Contreres and Dye alone, though re-signing JD seems almost like a good choice if the price is right.

A lot of that money probably won't be spent this offseason in order to eventually hold onto Floyd and Danks.

**Sidenote** Xavier Nady is a free agent after this season.

I want as many people to see that insanely annoying video as possible.

The Sox should definitely resign Dye to another two-year contract, if he'll take it. He's actually been good on D this year too. If it takes a three year deal, maybe he plays DH towards the end of it.

I think that Hallday has hit his prime. To go to the WhiteSox would kill his career and the White Sox fans, including myself don't want him. Fuck him up his fuckin ass.

How 'bout those creepy nude pictures of me taken through a peephole in my hotel room? I hope you all feel dirty.

That KG video makes me happy that Chicago sports fans can opt-out of the "he played high school ball here" boast.

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