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Friday's links

by Ricky O'Donnell on January 23, 2009 at 3:03AM

If you live in the city like I do, the top topic of conversation over the last year or so has been the out of control violence here. It's like Chicago has turned into the Wild West. Every time you open the newspaper another high school student is murdered on his way home from school. To think, my friends and I hated going to high school at the time and we were relatively rich white kids in the suburbs. Can you imagine having to walk home from there fearing for your life every day? It isn't fair; it's absurd and downright sad on every level.

Everyone is hoping that 2009 will be a lot less bloody than 2008, but after seeing what has happened just in CPS hoops this week, I doubt it will be anything but more of the same.

There have been three brawls at games the last few days, and one kid - Jermaine Winfield, one of the best players on our preseason #1 team, North Lawndale - got shot. My boss was covering last night's Marshall-North Lawndale game when a massive fight broke out in the stands that spilled onto the court. You can read his game story here. (link)

What's particularly noteworthy about what went down yesterday is the fact that Chris Bosh was there signing some autographs for Nike before the game because the Raps are in town to take on the Bulls tonight. The snarky blogger in me wants to say something like well, there goes any chance the Bulls had at landing Bosh in 2010 but that's really not too important in the grand scheme of things.

When I got my headphones jacked heading off the L two weeks ago, I was pissed for honestly about 20 seconds. It sucked that some kid would try to steal my ipod, and that I had to spend $15 on new headphones, but really, it could have been much worse.

All this stuff is very sad and stupid and needs stop immediately.

Everyone who writes for Top Ten is someone I work (or used to work) with at the Sun-Times. The site, now over a year old, was started to give us something to do while we were all jammed in a conference room posting high school football stories. Everyone there loved Chicago sports, and after all, we were all journalism majors, so starting a group blog seemed like a logical thing to do. In the early days (and by early days, I mean for the first list ever and that's pretty much it) we would pitch a topic as a group, agree on it, and then come up with and rank our candidates. It was actually a super fun process, but, alas, we always had to do this while, you know, actually working, so it wasn't as easy to do as one might think.

Basically ever since, the person who's writing that day comes up with the topic and rankings by themselves. If we have an idea in mind and aren't doing it last minute (like I clearly did on Wednesday), we usually float it to whoever is in the office and see if they like it.

When new TTCS full-time staffer Eli Kaberon told me what he was planning on posting Friday earlier this week, I was floored. This was quite possibly the best idea for a top ten list I had ever heard. So I advise you to immediately leave this website, and go to TTCS right now. In honor of the new movie "Notorious", check Eli's top ten Chicago "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems" athletes. (link)

As soon as I heard it, I was super pissed I didn't think of it first. Mo' Money Mo' Problems is one of my favorite rap jamz of all-time (right up there with 'Regulate' and anything off Dre 01 - most notably 'What's the Difference' ). I just think the entire concept is hilarious, so I have to give Eli mad props here for coming up with it. Only problem: he didn't take my suggestion and write it like Scoop Jackson.

If we're talking music, I may as well link to these two new Arcade Fire performances from one of Obama's eight million inauguration balls. If the Arcade Fire and Rage Against the Machine cover Bruce Springsteen, that probably means he's pretty good, right? I feel like I may need to start listening to The Boss.

In, uh, sports news (cut me some slack guys, there is nothing going on right now), the Cheat has a solid White Sox payroll post at SSS.

Update: Per request

I think I'm siding with LenDale and CJ, for no other reason than because this t-shirt rocks.

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Are you sure your headphones were actually stolen? Maybe, as Biggie might say, IT WAS ALL A DREAM.

Also, can this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91V-N1LgALg) please be added to the post? The shit-eating grin on J-Stew is unreal, and I can't believe how mad LenDale is. Oh man, this video killed me.

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