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Quick Thursday roundup

by Ricky O'Donnell on October 14, 2008 at 2:02AM

Here's what we've missed the last few days

Bernard Berrian on Bears quarterbacks:

''It was hard being a receiver over there,'' he said. ''There was so much -- let me see, what's the right word to say -- it was a carousel. It was a quarterback carousel. So it's hard to get rhythm with a quarterback and really know what you're going into and what you're looking at.''

Somewhere, Moose Muhammad agrees.

(For the record, I always loved Berrian, so these quotes don't bother me. Muhammad, on the hand, can burn in hell, especially since he doesn't suck now for some reason.)

Denny Savard: later. Is being a hockey coach the least secure job in sports? I don't get it. They fire coaches waaay too much in that sport.

Ball Don't Lie and Give me the Rock Bulls previews.

TTCS Western Conference preview. Even if you don't feel like reading, look at all those sweet pics!

Sportspros(e) finds the Brightside in Sunday's loss at Atlanta:

Sure, some of you out there were probably left with mouths agape after the Falcons walked away with a 22-19 victory in the final second of the game. But you have to realize that the Bears were simply playing puppet master with fate itself. Indeed, the Bears stared fate in the eye yesterday and said, "We own you, fate. We dictate the outcome of games ... not you."

So why would the Bears do this? Why would they benevolently step aside at the last moment and allow a far less superior Falcons team to 'steal' a win? Why wouldn't they just dominate throughout the entire game like they're so capable of doing?

It's the same reason Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest people in the universe, still lives in a relatively modest house he purchased for $31,500 in 1958. Just as Buffett doesn't need lavish living quarters to flaunt his financial and personal worth, so the Bears don't need "wins" or "consistently strong play" to prove they're the greatest team ever, of any sport, to walk onto a field of grass or artificial turf in the history of planet Earth.
Words cannot express how awesome I think Nate Silver is. For those who aren't aware, he's the dude that created PECOTA, the most accurate model for predicting the future performance of a baseball team, for Baseball Prospectus. Sox fans may remember it for nailing the 06 season. Now Silver is doing the same thing for politics, with FiveThirtyEight, which I've been reading daily the past few months. This profile of him in the New Yorker is a must read.

How ridiculously ugly are the dark Thunder uniforms?

Ziller's NBA top 50 is complete (Lebron 1, CP3 2, Kobe 3). Ours is coming soon.

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Rick, I am not going to lie, other than the "City" portion of the jersey, I kind of like them. Go Sonics.

I think they just took Knicks jerseys, ripped off "Knicks" and reapplied "Oklahoma City".

What I am trying to say is that they remind me of Patrick Ewing and that is never a good thing.


I also wanted to say I thought they looked like Knicks unis.

Also, those pictures on Top Ten are great.

They sound like a WNBA team.

The funny thing about that is I can just imagine PJ Carlisimo after the the Spree choking incident being like "F this, I'm coaching in the WNBA".

Oh, and why the hell did they fire Savard? Did everybody hate him or something? Weird.

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