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The Sox are, somehow, still alive; the Bears prove me wrong once again

by Ricky O'Donnell on September 29, 2008 at 1:51AM

I’m not even sure what to say about the happenings this weekend at The Cell. The Sox came in knowing they controlled their own destiny, that a sweep of the Indians would at least give them a shot at a two-game playoff. Naturally the Sox lost the first two games of the series- you’ll never guess who blew Game Two- but thanks to those always pesky Royals and my favorite White Sock of all-time, there is still hope. The Shitheads haven’t locked it up quite yet.

I’ve read a lot of places that the Sox have this game in the bag. It’s true that the Tigers have nothing to play for, and that good ole’ Freddy Garcia has only thrown 10 innings all season. But I’m still kind of nervous. Maybe it’s because the Sox and Cubs both in the playoffs just seems too good to be true. Maybe it’s because Garcia has proved throughout his career to be a BIG GAME PITCHER, particularly on the road.

The real question: does tomorrow qualify as a big game for Garcia? The rest of the team probably can’t wait to get out of the ballpark tomorrow, but I’m sure part of Freddy wants to stick it to Ozzie and Kenny for trading him. We’ll see. All I know is that if the Sox can win tomorrow, and force the play-in game against the Twins, we will live blog it (ed. note: unless we all decide to go!?!). So you’ll know tomorrow at about 3 o’clock if you should clear your schedules Tuesday night.

Hey, the Bears are tied for first place!

What’s stranger (more strange?)?:

a) The Bears defeated the Colts and Eagles, but lost to the Bucs and Panthers.

b) The Bears were leading the entire game, but still threw eight more times than they ran.

I don’t know what got into Ron Turner last night, but it was good to see. Orton still made some mistakes, but I thought he looked more comfortable back there knowing that the Bears trusted him to win the game.

And hey, the defense didn’t blow it in the fourth quarter. That was cool, too.

My predictions this football season aren't even Bearly Relevant, they just plain suck. But I'm glad that I'm the one who's 0-4, not the Bears.

Go to Depressed Fan for an Eagles perspective on the game.

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Per Mark Buehrle: Freddy Garcia went out drinking last night, but he pitches better hung over. I also have to say Buehrle is my favorite White Sox player.

Are you really 0-4? Haha, that's incredible. How big of an enigma is Hester, though? The dropped catch, the TD, the minus yards punt return. Nobody seems to blink at either -- good or bad -- anymore, though.

I am so jazzed for the game today. I'm taking off the music and playing the XM broadcast of the game through the store's speaker system.

The Blackhawks waived Khabibulin today. I feel...indifferent?

This rain better stop, I have homework to do.

I can't believe White Chocolate retired. I'm pretty devastated.

Damn, I was gonna mention that!

So live blog tomorrow?

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