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The Bears give us more incentive to focus on the Sox

by Ricky O'Donnell on September 22, 2008 at 3:13AM

A few loose* observations from yesterday’s Bears game

- I love Kyle Orton. I do. Sophomore year of college, we used to hang out by the Bears’ hotel after home games, desperately hoping to get Orton to autograph a handle of Jack Daniels. We planned on saving it for a special occasion. Maybe we’d break it out when the first of our friends got married or something. It would have been wonderful. But if Bears management has any idea what they’re doing, he won’t be the starting quarterback next season. This defense is too precious a commodity to waste, and their window won’t be open forever. Trade all your draft picks to get McNabb. I don’t even care at this point. Orton wasn’t the reason the Bears lost on Sunday, but he’s part of the reason they didn’t win.

- Unlike some people, I’m not going to pin the loss on Tillman. Did you see that play? It was bullshit. Trueblood may as well have had Ogunleye in a Figure Four. Tillman stood up for his boy, and I’m cool with that. Sure, without that penalty, the Bears probably win. It’s unfortunate, but it happened. Tillman played an otherwise stellar game. That loss wasn’t his fault.

- The main reason the Bears lost? Their D was too tired. I’m all for bending and not breaking, but sometimes you have to get off the field.

- Ron Turner was getting bashed hardcore in our live blog at the Sun-Times, but I thought he did a passable job. Real football isn’t like Madden, guys. You can’t always throw Hail Mary’s.

- Two plays from yesterday that define Bears football over the last decade: a) Orton’s interception to Gaines Adams’, which may have been the worst play in the history of the sport, b) Rashied Davis’ drop.  

- What’s everyone doing Tuesday night? I kind of want to do the Cover It Live thing for the Sox-Twins game. I don’t want to be here by myself though, so let me know if you plan on watching the game with a laptop nearby.

- This week’s Sox Report is up at Beachwood. Do with it what you’d like.

- Good news to start off your Monday: Travis Barker is expected to make a full recovery. Blink-182 was the first band I ever liked. I was shocked when I heard the news and would have been seriously, seriously upset if he wasn’t going to be ok.

* Loose like Dubs’ mom/sister/grandma. 

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Loose like Dubs’ mom/sister/grandma.

Really? You went for a loose vagina joke about my dying grandmother?

You get the nerve to talk to your Doctor about Propecia yet?

That Travis thing was awful. I'm glad he's OK, but damn was I freaked out.

The Gaines Adams pick was hilarious; I also find myself not-so upset compared to everyone else. I thought the playcalling was fine.

Watching the game with people who were mega-anti Griese, I was dumbfounded to see they STILL wouldn't give him any credit for beating the Bears D on the road without any semblance of a running game.

I might be down for a cover it live on Tuesdy (southern spelling).

post-reading Beachwood..

- The Metrodome is by far the worst stadium ever. The inexplicable garbage bag in right field? The ceiling color scheme which causes outfielders to lose balls in the light? The fast track? The Twins success? The really dorky white fans? Awful. And I think they have those little league bullpens that the Cubs have, right?

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