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Monday roundup

by Ricky O'Donnell on March 10, 2008 at 1:46AM

  • It appears our Juan Uribe nightmare may not be averted quite yet. With Alexei Ramirez struggling and Danny Richar injured, Uribe has the inside track to be the opening day starter at second base. At least that’s what Tadahito Iguchi thinks. Seeing Uribe back in the lineup, and playing out of position, is enough to drown my rising White Sox optimism. Why not just resign Iguchi? He only signed a one year, four million dollar contract with San Diego this offseason, less then what the Sox gave Uribe.

  • One week after I asked who Rex would be throwing to, the Bears have answered: Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd. Meet the NFL’s slowest pair of starting wide receivers. But hey, at least they have huge hands! Let’s just hope the Bears are looking for a receiver early in the draft, and that Hester will be as good as they think.

  • Even when they cut the deficit to one point in the fourth quarter against the Pistons last night, it seemed like the Bulls never really had a chance to win that game. Such is the way things are going this year. Still, beating the Pistons five out of six is nothing to complain about.

  • Chris Duhon, you are a joke. If Boylan gives him any sort of minutes for he remainder of this season it will be a catastrophe. Good to see Shannon Brown get his first real chance though, and man does he look thick. Maybe Brown would have been better off as a bone-crushing strong safety.

  • I’ve stated my affinity for OJ Mayo here a few times, but I’m starting to rethink my stance on him. I want to like Mayo. I really do. But I’ve seen him play a few times this year and he has Larry Hughes written all over him. Mayo just takes too many bad shots. If he’s 6’4, like some suspect, he’ll have to play point pros, and he can't handle that. Still, I’d like to see the Bulls take a chance on him if he plummets in the draft like most people think.

  • Here’s hoping Illinois State can sneak into the NCAA tournament. They got absolutely smoked by Drake in the MVCC title game, but if some other mid-major favorites hold court in their conference tourneys, the Redbirds could sneak in. Osiris Eldridge (pictured above) is the best player in the state no one has heard of. He’s the type of guard that would look great in Illini colors. Hopefully VCU losing yesterday doesn’t come back to hurt ISU.

  • Finally, I have to pass along this FireJoeMorgan post, because it's my duty to link to anything that tears apart Dusty Baker. Hey Homer Baily, say goodbye to that golden arm. Using Dusty's logic, Jay Bruce should be ready for the majors by 2014.

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Marty booker may have huge hands but its like throwing to someone wearing those mickey mouse hands. He cant catch shit. ... and you know what big hands means

Many things to respond to...

- lol, "our Juan Uribe nightmare"

- I like Booker. His numbers in Miami really have to be looked at on a curve. To be a leading WR with those "quarterbacks" and that "running game"? Come on. Lloyd, on the other hand, has many red flags, but I think I'll continuously play the "coming home/change of scenery cards" and bank on some type of resurgence. The two signings made me slightly more comfortable with an offense that makes me anything but.

- As for drafting a wide receiver in the draft? It just seems so hit or miss; with more miss than hit. Even if the Bears could somehow have (factoring out roster spots/cap money) the top 5 WR's in the draft, I wouldn't be alll that excited.

- I'm just glad the Bulls-Pistons game was watchable (see: Celtics on Friday). Also, at least the Piston's drafted Darko.

- Brown does look more suited for football. Too bad he went to MSU...burn!

- Mayo rules. I can't wait for the NBA Draft.

- I hate Drake so much, and every idiot at the University of Iowa is trying to claim Drake as their own, when Drake's usually one of our "rivals."

- Rooting interest tonight: William & Mary (one of my buddies from high school is their seventh man)

I actually do like the Booker signing. If nothing else, he'll be better then Moose, so there is a little upgrade at #2 wideout. I like the Lloyd signing because it's only one year, so if they don't get any production from him who cares. It's a flyer worth taking.

As for Mayo, I don't know, he could be better then Eric Gordon or Bayless, but all those guys kind of seem similar to me now. I saw the UCLA game where he was awful, he looked pretty good against Stanford. The tournament will be crucial for his stock; i even read somewhere today that he may come back to school, which we usually hear from all the big time prospects this time of year.

Mayo wont go back to school...who the hell wants to play under Tim Floyd for multiple years.

Screw Chris Duhon. The problem with the Bulls is that they have no accountability. Ole Jimmy hasnt layed down the law in the locker room and continues to let the antics of Noah, Duhon, and Thomas happen. I hope Duhon doesn't play more then 5 minutes in any more games this season...it would be a big step to Jimmy establishing who's boss and holding his guys accountable for their actions...damn rookies and young kids

I still don't get why you think Brandon Lloyd is slow when every article you read about him describes him as a fast guy....

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