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Josh Fields considered quitting baseball

by Ricky O'Donnell on February 8, 2008 at 3:23AM

That Jesus guy, he’s been a pretty popular dude lately, no? First, Chris Berman gave him a shout out (free post if you can think of what Boomer would nickname JC), and now it appears White Sox slugger of the present/future Josh Fields is a big fan as well. Such a big fan, in fact, that he considered hanging up the ole’ baseball cleats after last season. Fields spoke at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes luncheon on Wednesday, saying it was hard for him to handle the debaucherous (I'm almost positive this isn't a word) battleground that is a major league clubhouse. From Tulsa World, via Sox Talk forums:

"When I got my first taste of the big leagues in 2006, it was everything that I had dreamed about," Fields said. "But the further I got into my professional career, the more I had to deal with everything else that goes along with being a professional athlete. There were so many things going on in the clubhouse that I really questioned if professional baseball was for me. However, I prayed about it and realized there is nowhere I could have more influence right now than in that clubhouse."

To be fair, the Trib’s Mark Gonzales caught up with Fields on Thursday and he said he’s ready to fight for a starting spot this year in spring training and never seriously considered retiring.

So, I ask you, is this a big deal? Coming off a period when baseball has never been sleazier, it seems a bit refreshing to me that Fields wasn’t down with all the tomfoolery he witnessed in the Sox clubhouse last year. Others, however, might look at those quotes and say he’s not commit to the game.

It’ll be interesting to see how Ozzie handles this when he’s questioned about it in spring training. I’m sure Guillen offended Fields more then anyone else, and Guillen will surely have a strong opinion on it one way or another. Besides for Guillen, the White Sox don’t strike me as the worst collection of guys in the majors. Jim Thome is baseball version of Mother Teresa, Konerko  and Buehrle are solid people by all accounts, and I don’t Fields can even communicate with Contreras or Uribe. Maybe Pierzynski and Bobby Jenks are rebel rousers, but I’d imagine the White Sox clubhouse is better than most.  

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Our God is an awesome God
He reigns from heaven above
With wisdom, power, and love
Our God is an awesome God

Fuck Jesus.

Fuck Dana Jacobson.

In annoying Berman voice: Jesus "Shuttlesworth" Christ!

Jesus "Killing in the Name of" Christ

Or, others might say fuck you and your religion and nobody wants your "influence" in the clubhouse as as a space it has nothing to do with your personal religious beliefs. Just cause you happen to be a co-worker doesn't mean other players want to he be proselytized to and have you pushing your beliefs on anyone. Is there anything more obnoxious than the ignorant elitism of those who believe themselves to be in the right?

Berman says Jesus "What did you do this time?" Christ

Berman: "Jumping Jesus Christ on a pogo stick"

Are you guys talking about Jesus, the janitor at my apartment building?

Berman: Jesus "the Count of Monte" Christ-O

Jesus Christ "of passage"

rabble, not rebel, rousers.

how bout Jesus "tittyfucking" Christ
or Jesus Christ hasn't anyone ever worked in TV before?

Jesus "Matty and Felipe Alou" Christ

The obvious answer is Jesus "is just alright with me" Christ

re: Jesus Christ's nickname

Has "Nails" been taken?

How about Jèsus "He's looks arab" Christ

What Willy at 2:14 said.

Curious how the decision he came to after praying allows him to continue to rake in the $$$$. If he *really* had the courage of his convictions, he'd quit and be on a mission in China or Afghanistan by the time spring training starts.

God never listens
To what I say
So very hard
You don't get a refund
When you over-pray

What's the difference between Jesus and a picture of Jesus?

It only takes one nail to hang the picture.

Jim Thome is the baseball version of Mother Theresa? I had no idea that he reveled in the misery of helpless, starving children and stole money intended to help said starving children so he could build more churches with his name on it.

That sucks. I always liked Jim Thome.

Well now I have no respect for the whiny little jesus freak faggot. Get real loser

Yep, this is exactly the guy I wanted for the future of the franchise. Between him, the one who got demoted for bringing beer on the bus, the one with pro-wrestling aspirations, and the one with Tourette's, things are looking exceedingly stable. Thank God Thome's big enough to kick all their asses if need be.

Oh, and in honor of Earl Monroe and Adrian Peterson, "White" Jesus.

Josh Fields does steriods..... for jesus

Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not? Hot or Not?

So...does anyone want that free post?

If so, click the feedback button under the BBF logo and send me an email.



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Great article, I think you covered everything there. . . I would say freelancing is quite hard especially if you are not used to working on your own, can be quite hard to motivate yourself also. . . we all know what it is like to stare at the monitor.

welp, turns out he sucked anyway.

Hang in there Josh. I met you when you were 8 months old and taught school with your paretns at Locust Grove. Stick to your convictions, screw the anti-Christians.

Hang in there Josh. I met you when you were 8 months old and taught school with your paretns at Locust Grove. Stick to your convictions, screw the anti-Christians.

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