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Good Brian or Bad Brian: Does it even matter?

by Ricky O'Donnell on October 29, 2007 at 3:17AM

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If Brian Griese is going to throw three backbreaking interceptions in the endzone, why is he even playing. He’s as inconsistent as Grossman, and he has zero upside. His lows are as bad as Rex and his good games pale in comparison to what Grossman has done. It probably true that both are average to below average quarterbacks and that’s something that is going to kill any football team- especially one that run the ball.

The depressing thing isn’t how horrible the Grease-Man was today- it’s how bad the rest of the team played as well. Sure Griese sucks, but so does Benson, Tait, Berrian, Muhammad, Bradley, and pretty much anyone else not named Hester or Olsen on offense. This was a must win game on every level- a chance to even their record heading into the bye week- and the Bears flat out blew it. Scoring seven points against the Detroit Lions? Surely, that is some kind of sick joke. The Lions beat the Bears like a drum on Sunday and it signals that this team needs to be retooled. I really don’t think I’m overstating anything here.

Offensive football isn’t as difficult as the Bears make it look. Just a get a good offensive line and a good running back and pound the ball between the tackles. This Bears team can’t do that at all and that’s the first area to address. Benson is a complete joke and I have no idea why. He’s one of the best college running backs of the last twenty years and he’s worthless in the pros. Unfortunately, it turns out he’s a gigantic pussy, and there’s nothing the Bears are going to do to change it. Get rid of him and that retarded contract and bring in someone who’s good. After that, get rid of the boneheads who are blocking for him. For whatever reason, the Bears offensive line got real old over the offseason and it’s not an overstatement to say they need at least three new guys up front next year. John Tait’s performance this year has been nothing short of abdominal. He’s making a ton of money and has been pretty solid since he arrived from Kansas City, but he blows hard this season. He got owned against some clown Detroit d-end all day, who’s name I don’t even want to look up. He was pathetic on Sunday and he’s been pathetic all season. The rest of the guys aren’t much better. Make no mistake, this is the Bears biggest problem. You can live with an average quarterback if you can run well, and the Bears must fix this for next season. The offense is practically worthless this season, they have zero strengths.

As far as the defense goes, they played ok, but the Bears need turnovers and the D isn’t getting any. Briggs is a monster- Angelo should find any way possible to keep him. Take the money allotted for Grossman and Berrian extensions, cut Moose and give all that phat dough to Briggs. He’s been the team’s best player all season (along with Tommie) and the Bears can’t afford to let him go.

This season has proved the importance of safeties, and the Bears need at least one new one. Archuleta is a complete waste, just as he was last year in Washington. Mike Brown is actually really good, but unfortunately he can’t stay healthy so he’ll be gone next year. I liked Daniel Manning a lot coming into this season, but he certainly hasn’t improved since last year. He needs to step up the rest of this season or he may become another bust. I’m surely not writing him off yet, not someone with that kind of speed, but he really has to improve.

Basically what I’m saying is that this season is over. Could the Bears make the playoffs still? Sure, I guess they could, but it doesn’t even matter. They should be good and instead they suck, so even if the Bears do find a way to sneak in, they certainly won’t be doing anything against half-way decent teams. This season needs to end soon, it’s probably the most frustrating Chicago sports season I’ve ever witnessed (even though I believe I wrote the exact same sentence about the 07’ Sox). In conclusion, fuck this shit- go Bulls.

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Archelta is, without a doubt, the worst safety I have ever seen.


Man, I suck.

"fuck this shit- go Bulls."

My thoughts exactly.

Rick I heard you are a huge Boston fan and went a little crazy after they won. I didn't know wayne brady likes to get wet?

I listened to the game on a Lions radio network and found it funny how the commentators would even point out how Benson looked like he could care less and how he plays so lazy

I miss Thomas Jones.

With the Bears at 3-5 and the playoffs just about out of the question (and seeing how dominate the Pats and Colts are), why not give these other guys a shot to play? Orton, Wolfe, Hass, etc. There are so many problems on offense and there is no quick fix. I say pack it in and figure out who some of these guys are and whether or not they're keepers or busts. First, let Orton start. Grossman is gone and Griese is a second string nomad. Let Orton have a shot. The biggest problem I had about moving Griese to starter was that the Bears had no plan. Do they keep Griese and Orton and go after a free agent or do they hunt down a quarterback in the draft (3-5 year development all over again)? Its clear that Griese is a backup and that's it. As for Benson, ship his ass out of town now. Play Peterson and give Wolfe 15-20 carries a game and try to shape the offense around his abilities. Receivers? Sit Berrian and let Hass play. We know he can at least catch and doesn't have alligator arms. Maybe even call Brandon Rideau and see if he wants to play. Please, please, please sit Danieal Manning or simply cut him. He is HORRIBLE! Same goes for Archuleta. Its funny how much the Bears could use Chris Harris and Dante Wesley right now.

Angelo needs to go too. He hedged his bets on Grossman (failed), drafted Benson (failed) and created a myriad of problems with Briggs and Rosenhaus (will fail). Three strikes you're out.

I agree with alot of that. Haas and Wolfe specifically deserve a chance. Haas was spectacular in the preseason, and Wolfe can give the running game an added dimension with his speed. Wolfe really hasn't gotten a shot yet, and after seeing what other small backs like Maurice Jones-Drew and Leon Washington have done, the Bears owe it to themselves to give him a shot. I'd put Grossman back in there and unleash him, but if not, sure, give it to KO. If nothing else he'll be the backup on this team next year, let's see what he can do.

At 3-5, I'm not ready to concede the season just yet.

Right, like i said in the final paragraph, the Bears could certainly still make the playoffs. But the point is that this team should have been championship worty, and they're no where near that level. Their best quarterback is Brian Griese, their best running back Adrian Peterson-- I'm sorry but that's not a recipe for a great team.

As far as Thomas Jones go, I'm not sure how good he is, but he's certainly better then Benson and was very productive his last two years here. He's not a great back, but everyone loved him and he stepped up in big games. I wish he was back here too.

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